About Us


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We aim to be a reference in mobilizing technical and financial supports in Africa and internationnaly, with a view to contributing to the development of economic activities and the well-being of populations.​


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1- Stimulate the economy activities through the conception of project documents, seeking of financement, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

2- Commit operationally to the success of projets and organisations from the civil society, private and publics sectors.

3- Contribute to the improvement of business climate and well-being through socio-ecomic analyzes and specific trainings.


Corporate Positioning

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We are a consulting firm in Finance, International Mobility and Trade.

We are essentally a consulting firm, closer to business of project management assistance, investment funds and economic forecasting.

Strategic sectors

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I- Specific Sectors

1- Buildings, Public Works and Transport ;

2- Agriculture and Transformation;

3- Electrification and Industrialisation;

4- Education and professional training;

5- Health and Well-Being;

6- Art, Culture and Sport;

7- Weath Management.

II- Cross-cutting sectors

1- Informatics and Digital;

2- Innovation and Sustainable Development;

3- International Trade;

4- Public-Private Parternship;

5- Public and Private development assistance.


Human ressources, consultants and partners

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We have experience in international companies, public bodies and organisations from civil society.

Besides, some of us, in addition to being advisers for organisations, provide teach in the academic world, produce scientific articles.

The diversity of our talents, the flexibility of our approches make our works innovative and appropriate.


Main targets

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1- Companies have more visibility and technical skills, more funding and relationships necessary for their national and international growth.

2- Public organisations are better informed about the needs of populations, have a better ability to attract public and private funding and are more efficient.

3- Investment funds, banks and microfinance make more sustainable investments and loans while considerably incresasing their credit spreads and their portfolio.

4- Individuals, sustainably improve their financial situation through better wealth mangement and at the same time, contribute to the ecnomic growth and the improvement of well-being of population.

5- Education and training organisations are more efficient and significantly improve the satisfaction of their students, learners and athletes.

6- International travelers for business, working, sport, art, training and/or tourism reasons have more enjoyable and wealth-generating experiences.

7- Foundations, non gouvernemental organisations, associations have better structured projects and mobilize more funds and have a more dense and lasting impacts within society.